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Werewolf boy appeals to doctors to find a cure
12 million bees escape after California crash
Slim or die man sheds 44 stone
Scotland Yard site hacked by monster
Sex month marathon can save marriages, pastor tells parishioners
Tree Man who grew 'roots' gets hope of new life
Man with no face offered new hope by medical science
Man marries dog to lift curse
Incredible war story - miracle pictures
Couple make burglar clean home at gunpoint
Millionaire shoplifter on most wanted list
Top ten sex tips for men
Couple played Dungeons & Dragons while babies starved
Church recruits Harry Potter magic to spread Christian message
Maggots found growing inside man's head
Stolen terrier Arnie finds way home after nearly two years
Comatose man wakes up after being asleep for 19 years
'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin killed by stingray
Parrot squawks on cheating lovers affair
10m Indian girl births lost in 20 years
Weird Stories of the Year 2005
Honeymoon of exotic sex games for Manson and Dita
Melee cancels Xbox sale
Dolphins save swimmers from great white shark
Martha Stewart begins jail sentence
Fox apologizes for fake Kerry quotes
George Bush's 'Love Doctors' - Bush Gaffes
James Joyce erotic love letter to Nora - record price
Italians sexiest, British funniest, Germans rudest!
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 turns up heat
Bank chief quits after accessing sex site
Spike Milligan - I told you I was ill
It's a boy, no a girl - for Paul, Heather McCartney
Ecuador Mayor appoints parrot as spokesman
Villagers apologize for eating missionary
Kindergarten for men so women can shop in peace
IgNobel Awards honor 'dead' man, Murphy's Law
David Blaine risking health, doctors warn
India's Dirty Harry notches up 87 kills
Blaine picks wrong town to be hung in
Man eats underwear to beat breathalyser law
Giant guinea pig as big as a buffalo
X certificate for Messiah - too hot to Handel!
First September 11th divorce
First birth on Pitcairn Island in 17 years
Police 'round like a shot'
Priest becomes a 'prisoner of love'
Staring at women's breasts good for men's health
Doomed Venice to disappear in 100 years
King of Swaziland selects 12th bride
Man jailed for starting fire to avoid sex with wife
Nude male statue upsets Jamaicans
Man ships himself home to parents in crate

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