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Yoda the cat with four years
Latte art - making art out of latte coffee
Burj Al Arab Hotel - world's most luxurious and only 7-star hotel
Weird trees from around the world
Funny toilets
Man with big hole in head - video
Cat with hypnotic eyes
Pedophile's digitally altered face unscrambled by Interpol
Eating insects for food: tasty crickets, mice, snakes, scorpions
Chihuahua born with love-heart pattern
Thousands of jumbo squid washed ashore in California
Amazing trees - unusual trees from around the world
Britain's first ever suicide bombers
Michael Jackson police mugshot
Doctor Harold Shipman police mugshot
Hugh Grant police mugshot
Ozzy Osbourne police mugshot
Mick Jagger police mugshot
Nick Nolte police mugshot
O. J. Simpson police mugshot
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Raising the dead
Porn souvenirs
Size really does matter
Really big fart
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Dumb road sign
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Weird road sign
Wham bam, thank you ma'am
Bus to Hell
George W Bush or chimp?
Best hand-job in town
Stiff nipples
Celebrities without makeup
Tennis streaker
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We will slaughter them all
No American Infidels in Baghdad
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High rise apartment
Burger King fresh meat
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Irish scarecrow

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